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substance abuse counselling

Oftentimes stress in a child's life can make the brain vulnerable and less able to integrate the body/mind experience resulting in a sense of disconnectedness to self and others. As one matures, this sense of loss can lead to isolation, emotional numbness and ambivalence that then generates self-defeating behaviors. Chemicals become a way to defend against anxiety provoking feelings and a sense of emptiness.

Using ego-strengthening experiential interventions is a helpful and satisfying way to express internal doubts, conflicts, fears and joys by producing artwork that needs no explanation. The use of art media becomes a means through which one can create and heal while learning new skills and coping mechanisms. When working visually, unexpressed feelings emerge leading to a deeper level of self-knowledge and curiosity about others. For the chemically dependent individual the art materials become a source for liberating internal arousal that can cause frustration and lower self-esteem. For the withdrawn client art encourages new pathways for developing trust and interdependence.

Other benefits include:

  • Greater self-understanding by exploring personal symbols
  • Improve relationships
  • Develop new coping skills
  • Build confidence and integrity
  • Alleviate stres
  • Become empowered
  • Maintain and improve emotional stability and impulse control
  • Sustain concentration
  • Set appropriate boundaries

Tracey McCullick