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Tracey McCullick
Board Certified Supervisor


As a psychotherapist I strive to assist my clients in the process of becoming more whole in all aspects of their lives. Everyone has a story to tell and being “heard”, maybe for the first time, usually results in a feeling of coming home after a very long absence. Our stories are who we are and there are many ways of “telling” them.

Although my primary training is as an art therapist I use other ways of working to understand the variety of issues that my clients bring into sessions. I find that through integrative, experiential processes, along with talk therapy, people can find a new kind of freedom to express their deepest selves. Within the therapeutic relationship we can find the existing internal nuances and textures that make us all unique and valuable.

My work includes seeing individuals, adolescents and adults, who are in need of understanding and transforming emotional conflicts through self-awareness. Disturbing issues can be revealed, metabolized and healed so that life will have new meaning and promise.

I look forward to speaking with you about your personal journey.

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Tracey McCullick


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